Business ads are OK!! Posting is free!!

The Nikkeiclassified Canada is a free classifieds website dedicated to the Nikkei communities in Canada. You can post messages for buying and selling things, Help Wanted, Jobs Wanted, event promotion, seeking volunteers, soliciting funds or donations, and much more. You can even post business promotions such as special sales or opening announcements for new businesses or new locations. And, posting is absolutely free of charge! Click “Posting” for submission!

商業広告もOK! 記事掲載は完全無料!

Nikkeiclassified Canadaはカナダ日系コミュニティ向けの無料情報掲示サイトです。売ります・買います,求人・求職,イベント宣伝,ボランティア募集,寄附のお願い等々,さまざまなメッセージを掲示できます。個人的な利用の他に,特別セールや新商品発売,新規開店などの商業的利用もOKです。しかも,情報掲載は一切無料です! お申し込みはPostingのページから!

Who’s operating this site?

The website Nikkeiclassified Canada is operated by JCCO Victoria,
Japanese Canadian Community Organization of Victoria
a research-based non-profit society for the highest standards of multiculturalism